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At our July Business Meeting, we discussed our upcoming Team Play finals in Valley Hi on July 21 and the second round of T.O.C. competition here on July 28th. Our Team Play Captain, Katie Gilchrest, wants to thank the wonderful Niners that represented our group in Team Play... Diane Babij, Tamera Billerbeck, Kristin Burrup, Myrna Grossman, Melissa Haubner, Joy Hulsey, Susan Levy, Shirley Montalvo, Marcie Nugent, Diana Pena, Suzanna Weinberger. A special thanks to Sandy Weissenbacher for her stand-in Captain duties on the days when Katie could not be there.

Our Most Improved for May was Kristin Burrup and for June was Denise Metz ~ congratulations!

Tamera introduced our newest Niner, Denise Capone, and now we’ll need to be sure to clarify which Denise we’re referring to! Welcome, Denise!

Our Red White and Blue Fun Day on July 7th was another hugely successful event with a big crowd, fun prizes and good food, thanks as always to Kristin Burrup. The prizes went to the teams of Elise Wilson, Diane Babij and Myrna Grossman in 1st Place; the team of Suzanna Weinberger, Shirley Montalvo and Joy Hulsey in 2nd Place; and Kristin Burrup, Theresa Graham, and Denise Capone in 3rd Place ~ congratulations to all the winners!

One of our newer members is Elise Wilson, who joined us back in January. Elise and her husband, Scott, joined CPCC in December and, as longtime members of Fountaingrove Country Club in Santa Rosa, are happy to again have a golf course to call home. Elise has been playing with us regularly and is also a member of the 18-hole ladies’ group. After living in Santa Rosa for several years, in 2017 they lost their home and its entire contents, including their pet cat, to the Tubbs Fire. Nothing could be saved. Elise and Scott needed to find a place to live, so they rented in Santa Rose for awhile. They ultimately decided to build their own Dream Home and found property in Folsom on which to build their new house, a 3,000-square foot home with a swimming pool! They moved into their home in March 2021 and even have a new kitty named Zen. Elise worked as a Computer Programmer in Petaluma until their son was born, and Scott worked for the County of Sonoma in its IT Department. Both are now retired. Their son, Jared, is attending Sacramento City College, and they all enjoy playing Volleyball, Pickleball, Windsurfing in the Delta and on vacation, and White-Water Kayaking in the South Fork of the American River. Welcome, Elise!

Be sure to look for background information on any new members next month.

-Submitted by Julene Cawley

Dear Members,

We held our first Town Hall meeting on April 28 with 100 in attendance.  The club hosted a taco buffet and open bar to kick things off. 6 of the 9 Board members were on hand to share information about themselves and what their committees are currently doing.  The biggest discussion focused on the ongoing renovation of our von Tillow Grill patio.  Member Dennis Morelli was there to describe the process and all the various components necessary to make it successful.  We have poured half of the concrete and parts of the new fire pit.  Currently, we are waiting on permits to finish our project in a timely manner.  In today’s world getting supplies and scheduling contractors is sometimes anyone’s guess.  Dennis has done a great job keeping those committed to timelines which has allowed us to remain ahead of schedule.  We hope to have all concrete poured before June 1 and will wait until we receive permits to complete the kitchen, bar, and pergola covering for the patio.  New patio furniture should be arriving within the next 6-8 weeks.

Membership continues to be steady at this time.  Following the April 1 statements, we have a total of 442 total members.  Of the 442 there are 36 social memberships.  Not long ago the Board of Directors established a maximum number of golf members allowed all at one time.  With our newest members joining May 1, we have a total of 7 memberships available before we go to a waiting list for the second time.  I believe we will have 4-6 new members joining June 1 which leaves a small window going forward.  I want to thank our membership for your referrals and leads.  It’s great bringing in friends of existing members.  I would like to welcome Dr. Brian “Kelly” Hunt GP member, Matthew & Lola Mazzuca Young Executive, and 2 new teen members Marc Paracuelles and Nathan Klonaris. 

May Wednesday night dining takes us to Jamacia this month.  Come join us as we continue traveling around the world with our themed menu choices on Wednesday nights.  Friday nights continue with our ala carte menu offering many of your favorite entrees.  Our House committee continues to introduce new social events for this calendar year.  We have added Karaoke and Trivia night each month.  Attendance has been great along with enthusiasm for more.  We just hosted Bourbon and Bites and have many more events scheduled.  Check out the website and look to your emails for continual information announcing future fun events.  Men’s and Women’s scrambles start up this month.  Check with the golf shop for more information.  Thanks for your continued support.