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For a couple of reasons, we did not hold an April Business Meeting. We also missed out on two regular mornings of golf, due to some much-needed rainstorms that lasted throughout most of both Thursdays! No one complained about the rain, though.

Our Most Improved Golfer for March was Christine Barbrie, followed closely by Susan Levy and Marcie Nugent. All three were within .3 of each other! Congratulations to Christie, Susan and Marcie!

Our biggest news of the month is that on March 31st, at the Woodbridge CC Open Day, our Lindsay Valle had a Hole in One with a Pitching Wedge on a 94-yard hole! Such excitement! As reported at the time: “It was Lindsay’s second to last hole for the day, number 16 on the Lake Course, a 94-yard shot with her pitching wedge. Lindsay wasn’t having a great round up to this point, in fact, truth be told, it was one of her worst rounds since she started golfing. She had just had two terrible holes and was fighting back tears when her partner for the day turned to her said ‘get out there, this is your hole.’ Lindsay did just that. She knew her pitching wedge was too much club, so she choked down on it, teed it up a little bit higher, and hit a great shot. The ball landed on the green and just trickled into the hole…a Hole in One!” We love this story because it embodies what we Niners strive to be: Women who encourage each other, are there for one another, never give up, and can have one of our worst rounds and still believe in ourselves as we shine!

The “Flower Power Fun Day” Tournament planned by Kristin Burrup for April 14th was postponed until April 28th due to the expected rainstorms and was it ever a success! Coming in at 1st place was the team of Kristin Burrup, Shirley Montalvo, and Mary Ann Stenson; 2nd place was the team of Lee McElroy, Marcie Nugent, and Diana Pena; 3rd place went to Gina Crofut, Susanna Weinberger and Diane Babij. The winning scores were 31, 32, and 33! We had a field of 15 and again, Kristin went out of her way to create an amazing event with a very interesting game and great prizes. The refreshments were also spectacular: Susanna brought beautifully decorated and delicious cupcakes. The next Fun Day Tournament is scheduled for May 5th, Cinco de Mayo, with the theme of “Margaritas and Mulligans” ~ sure to be another wild ride of an event, thanks again to Kristin.

We have three outside events coming up: Lake Wildwood’s WNHGA Open Day on Tuesday, May 10th; Valley Hi’s Invitational on Thursday, May 12th; and the Northridge Invitational on Tuesday, June 7th. Several of our Niners have been taking advantage of our invitations to these always fun events.

Be sure to look for background information on any new members next month, and don’t forget to check out the Tournament Results on our Niner Results page on the CPCC website.

-Submitted by Julene Cawley

DIVOT Niners May 2022