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Golf Rules

Jake johnson course record- All golfers should check-in at the Pro Shop before playing the course.

- Keep pace with the group in front of you.  Typical rounds are completed in 3 1/2 to 4 1/2 hours.

- CPCC is a soft spike facility


Dress Code

ladies- All clothing must be in good repair.

- No non-traditional pants or shorts, tank tops, short shorts, t-shirts, bare midriffs, sweat pants or hooded sweatshirts.

- Pants and shorts are worn at the waist, not sagged.

- Hats are worn facing forward.  Men's hats are not worn in the dining room.

- No golf shoes in the upstairs bar or dining areas.

- Bathing suits are allowed in the pool area only.



baca dining- Shirts must have collars and sleeves.  Turtle necks and mock turtle necks are acceptable.

- Shirts are tucked in.  Button down camp shirts and bottom banded shirts may be worn untucked.

- Shorts are acceptable provided they are no shorter than mid-thigh.

- No blue denim is acceptable on the golf course but is allowed in all areas of the clubhouse, provided they don't present holes or ripped.



- Shirts with shoulder straps no less than 3 inches on the course.

- Evening dresses or blouses including spaghetti straps are permitted in the clubhouse.

- Dresses, slacks, shirts and shorts no shorter than mid-thigh